Run details

This page shows the details of the results of one of your runs. The first table indicates the time of the run and average of waypoints and time spent. A run is composed by 5 matches in each one of the maps of the preliminary submission server (see the explanation for more details). The second table shows the results of each match for all the maps where the controller was executed.

Run date Maps Average Waypoints (max: 10) Average Time Spent
2012-03-23 23:01:05 Preliminary submission server maps. 9.46 1613.83
MapWaypoints 1Time 1Waypoints 2Time 2Waypoints 3Time 3Waypoints 4Time 4Waypoints 5Time 5Avg. WaypointsAvg. Time Spent
Map 1101211101353101235101105101198101220.4
Map 2101038101110101070101073101052101068.6
Map 310181710183482262111171017637.81758.6
Map 4101538101768101782101740101855101736.6
Map 5101744101767101742101861101819101786.6
Map 6923081015681014701018396196391829.6
Map 77282072811102663728171029928.22820.6
Map 8102012102043101952101939101972101983.6
Map 9101221101207101238101260101225101230.2
Map 10101311101409101350101344101353101353.4
Map 11102157001017740010188161162.4
Map 12101519101586102042101531101569101649.4
Map 13101548101625101711101589101602101615
Map 14101402101414101452101470101485101444.6
Map 15101449101428101438101558101402101455
Map 16101129101293101192101238101330101236.4
Map 17101767101715101699101844101677101740.4
Map 18101546101521101610101571101599101569.4
Map 1910251162337521591024891023788.22374.8
Map 20101307101239101168101244101247101241