Run details

This page shows the details of the results of one of your runs. The first table indicates the time of the run and average of waypoints and time spent. A run is composed by 5 matches in each one of the maps of the preliminary submission server (see the explanation for more details). The second table shows the results of each match for all the maps where the controller was executed.

Run date Maps Average Waypoints (max: 10) Average Time Spent
2012-04-13 11:21:09 Preliminary submission server maps. 6.99 1608.4
MapWaypoints 1Time 1Waypoints 2Time 2Waypoints 3Time 3Waypoints 4Time 4Waypoints 5Time 5Avg. WaypointsAvg. Time Spent
Map 11014277186261787617821012197.81615.4
Map 2923801016121015031018001015569.81770.2
Map 3101542101543101536101573101577101554.2
Map 4924929253792611926059253592556
Map 5102085101986101841316191020068.61907.4
Map 6101410101406101437101434101399101417.2
Map 7317168266321392102106316875.21912.8
Map 8414674145641463414634145541460.8
Map 921193620192119362027211903.61524.4
Map 10619196193810156361860619176.81839.4
Map 110100010184010181510167510163481592.8
Map 123150710157121332101548213315.41457.8
Map 131012581013011012751013015176791380.4
Map 141015001014171117711175111694.61287.6
Map 15101306101335101364101320101287101322.4
Map 161018777219082380101939721358.42104.2
Map 1710183210177231641111521019326.81665.8
Map 1821425214132143411130214021.81360.8
Map 19111461114011146111451114511144.4
Map 20101290101275101305101308101292101294