Run details

This page shows the details of the results of one of your runs. The first table indicates the time of the run and average of waypoints and time spent. A run is composed by 5 matches in each one of the maps of the preliminary submission server (see the explanation for more details). The second table shows the results of each match for all the maps where the controller was executed.

Run date Maps Average Waypoints (max: 10) Average Time Spent
2012-04-03 23:24:08 Preliminary submission server maps. 9.82 2489.17
MapWaypoints 1Time 1Waypoints 2Time 2Waypoints 3Time 3Waypoints 4Time 4Waypoints 5Time 5Avg. WaypointsAvg. Time Spent
Map 1102314102072102228102102102090102161.2
Map 2102260102264102730102489102461102440.8
Map 3101970101990101977101859101894101938
Map 4102777102751102776102588102709102720.2
Map 5103059102828103361102577103177103000.4
Map 6102289101884102467101944101909102098.6
Map 75263910401910398310402110284593501.4
Map 8102422102392102671102411102625102504.2
Map 9102872103317102854102836102754102926.6
Map 10102255102209102191102058102162102175
Map 11102891102670102638102550102700102689.8
Map 12102539102544932851023171028509.82707
Map 13101670101714101625101702101576101657.4
Map 14102618102611102019102882102449102515.8
Map 15101770101730101672101683101698101710.6
Map 16102807102474103055103159102606102820.2
Map 17103928102910112361028551029338.22772.4
Map 18102623102142102301102454102193102342.6
Map 19103723103478103231103555735779.43512.8
Map 20101599101657101591101530101565101588.4