Run details

This page shows the details of the results of one of your runs. The first table indicates the time of the run and average of waypoints and time spent. A run is composed by 5 matches in each one of the maps of the preliminary submission server (see the explanation for more details). The second table shows the results of each match for all the maps where the controller was executed.

Run date Maps Average Waypoints (max: 10) Average Time Spent
2012-04-02 19:25:30 Starter kit maps. 5.62 1710.88
MapWaypoints 1Time 1Waypoints 2Time 2Waypoints 3Time 3Waypoints 4Time 4Waypoints 5Time 5Best WaypointsBest Time Spent
Map 0111199101572619511120061978101572
Map 0210130951656516525165051654101309
Map 08517655177351725517645177651725
Map 1982208821775180482202101628101628
Map 2411194521331119010196111192101961
Map 35620303147931459315001113062030
Map 40112291122110199910173601000101736
Map 45928199283592858927809283492780
Map 56315923165131561010003160331561
Map 61101393101376101392101375101379101375