There will be NO PTSP Competition in 2014. Check our new competition, the General Video Game Competition, at our new website:

Welcome to the Physical Travelling Salesman Problem webpage. This competition is a continuation of the ones held at WCCI 2012, CIG 2012 and CIG 2013, run by Diego Perez, Philipp Rohlfshagen, David Robles and Simon Lucas, from the University of Essex. The PTSP League consisted of a fixed set of 20 maps for the traditional PTSP. In this version of the game, the objctive is to drive the ship in a maze full of obstacles in order to visit the waypoints scattered around the maze as quickly as possible. You can download the starter kit for the competition and submit your controller to inmediately be in the rankings. You can also join our Google Group here to be kept informed of the latest updates and notifications. These competitions are organized and maintained by Diego Perez and Simon Lucas, from the University of Essex.
Follow these quick links to discover the competition:

PTSP League CIG 2013 Multiobjective PTSP Competition